Plumpton Field

The Parish Council has formally objected to the housing application at Plumpton Field. A copy of the full objection letter can be downloaded here.

Residents are urged tosubmit INDIVIDUAL letters or emails to the City Council so they are fully aware of the level of local opposition.

To help residents we have included some points below and an editable, printable version is available here.You may submit some or all of these points, along with your own personal comments.

Objections should be sent by email in writing to

Planning Department, Preston City Council

Town Hall, Lancaster Road

Preston, PR1 2RL

Objections should be sent as soon as possible as the application is likely to be determined in March.

Core Strategy

The proposal is contrary to Core Strategy Policy 1 (f) because

There are 10 properties on Plumpton Field, 18 more will almost treble the houses therefore it is not small scale.

An infill plot is where housing is interspersed between existing properties. This proposal is not appropriate infilling.

5,300 homes are planned in the NW Preston Strategic Location - less than 1 mile away from Woodplumpton village. NW Preston provides a variety of 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroomed properties, including bungalows, so therefore there is absolutely no need to extend the village particularly into the open countryside.

Local Plan

The proposal is contrary to Policy EN1 of the Local Plan because

It is not needed for the purposes of agriculture,

It does not involve the re-use of existing buildings,

It is not an infill site.

The City Council has a 5yr housing supply and there is no reason to extend the village into the open countryside.

The proposal will have a significant, adverse impact on the village and is contrary to Policy AD1 (b) of the Local Plan because

The proposals will enlarge the village beyond the settlement boundary

The increased use of Plumpton Field and will have a detrimental impact on residents currently living on a quiet street.

Provision of additional parking spaces will not lessen the impact because residents will have to walk from the spaces to their existing properties and there is no guarantee that the spaces will not be used by the new residents.

Policy HS4 Rural exception sites

The site was put forward as rural exception site PO97 when the Local Plan was being prepared. The City Council determined that the site was not required.

5,300 homes are planned in the NW Preston Strategic Location,

The City Council has a 5yr housing supply

A rural exception site has been approved in Goosnargh which meets any requirement for affordable homes in a rural location.

Affordable Housing

50% of the properties will be affordable, discounted sales no different to the affordable properties in NW Preston

If the applicant has identified a local need for bungalows for the elderly, evidence of the local need should be supplied

If the application is to meet a local need, sales should be restricted to Woodplumpton residents.

Highway Considerations

The speed and volume of traffic in Woodplumpton is a concern and additional traffic will make the situation worse. (Detail specific problem areas)

Visibility turning right out of Plumpton Field is poor.

Sustainable location

Residents will be car dependent as there limited amenities and facilities in Woodplumpton.

There are no footpaths or safe pedestrian links to other villages or the facilities and bus routes available in the NW Preston development area.


Woodplumpton suffered surface water flooding in December 2015.

The flood risk assessment states there are no surface water or combined sewers available in close proximity to the site, to connect to.

It is unreasonable to add to the drainage burden in the village when new development can be accommodated in the NW Preston Strategic Location.


Provide examples of any birds or wildlife that will be displaced or disturbed if the development goes ahead.


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