Neighbourhood Plan consultation

Neighbourhood Plan consultation

29th of September, 2020

Woodplumpton Parish Council is consulting on its draft Neighbourhood Plan to guide development in the Parish until 2026. The Plan contains planning policies which all planning applications will be judged against and aims to deal with the following issues:

Issue 1 The Design of Proposed New Development, especially how it would fit in with the character of the area, how existing residents would be able to access the new facilities to be built in North West Preston and how new residents would be able to benefit from the adjacent rural area.

Issue 2 Provision of Infrastructure to deal with proposed new development especially given problems related to recent development

Issue 3 Community Infrastructure Levy -The Parish will have more of a say in how this levy on development in the area is spent

The Plan’s Vision is for a Parish that better meets the needs of existing and new residents while maintaining and enhancing its distinctive character and appearance.

The Parish Council believes in the principles that Safety and Security are key elements for the well-being of the Parish as a whole. It is committed to protecting, maintaining and enhancing our open / green spaces for the benefit of all the community, now and in the future and wishes to maintain and develop a strong and inclusive community spirit with greater cohesion.

The Plans Objectives are to
• Actively support, promote and develop local amenities and facilities for the benefit of all residents
• Develop and enhance the individual character of both villages
• Develop and enhance existing and new open / green spaces
• Promote, maintain and improve policing and security in the Parish including the provision of appropriate resources / facilities
• Actively seek and support improvements to highways, pavements and footpaths to promote safe and efficient movement through and around the Parish
• Identify and improve methods of communication and inclusion (e.g. broadband, literature, noticeboards, community and social events)
• Identify, promote and support community involvement projects and schemes
• Promote and actively support the need for a diverse range of housing types without losing the character of the Parish
• Promote and actively support existing and new businesses without losing the character of the Parish
• Actively maintain and improve public rights of way, bridleways and green / open spaces and promote and publicise their use

The Neighbourhood Plan can be downloaded and viewed from this webpage.

If you wish to comment on the Neighbourhood Plan, you can download a feedback form from the 'other documents' section of the website or simply email the Parish Clerk with any comments using the 'contact us' facility on the website.

The Neighbourhood Plan refers to a Character Appraisal for the area and this can be downloaded in a separate news article.