Character Appraisal - Neighbourhood Plan

Character Appraisal - Neighbourhood Plan

29th of September, 2020

Woodplumpton Parish Council is consulting on its draft Neighbourhood Plan to guide development in the Parish until 2026 - please refer to the Neighbourhood Plan news article where the Plan can be viewed and downloaded.

The Neighbourhood Plan refers to a Character Appraisal which was produced to

1) inform policies in particular, regarding the effect of development on the character of the natural and built environment of the Parish.

2) enable decision makers and applicants for planning permission to better understand the character of Woodplumpton Parish when submitting or determining planning applications or appeals for proposals in the area

3) to inform other people who are interested in the character of the area, whether residents, visitors, funders, project managers or investors,

The Character Appraisal can be viewed  and downloaded from this webpage. 

If you wish to comment on the Character Appraisal, simply email the Parish Clerk with any comments using the 'contact us' facility on the website.