Slow Down - Save Lives stickers

Slow Down - Save Lives stickers

29th of July, 2022

As reported previously, the Parish Council has been working with LCC Highways to install traffic calming measures in the Parish. Whilst progress is being made with this, obviously the Parish Council can't install measures on every road in the Parish so the Parish Council has been working with Andy Pratt (Deputy Police Crime Commissioner) to look at measures to make our roads safer. 

As part of his role, Andy oversees the work of the Road Safety Partnership who have produced a Community Toolkit to held communities work together to help improve road safety. Please take a look at the Tool Kit and if you feel any of the initiatives will work in your local area, please contact the Clerk using the contact us box.

You may also report Community Areas of Concern directly to the Road Safety Partnership.

The Parish Council has also received some "Slow Down Save Lives" stickers which can be added to the side of your wheelie bin. Drivers passing the bins on collection days will be reminded of this important message which will hopefully, be the first of many other measures the Parish Counicl is putting in place to try to address speeding traffic. If you would like a sticker for your bins, please email [email protected] or contact your local Parish Councillor using the details on the Councillor information page.

Read more about the role of the Police Crime Commissioner and access the Police and Crime Plan for Lancashire.

Lancashire Police have also launched 'Operation Snap' a police initiative which encourages members of the public to send dashcam footage of dangerous driving or other motoring offences to the police. 

More information can be found on the Police Crime Commisoner link or by using this link Operation Dashcam