Traffic Regulation Orders - Woodplumpton

Traffic Regulation Orders - Woodplumpton

29th of July, 2022

The Parish Council has long recognised the concerns of residents regarding the traffic issues that affect us all - and these concerns will only increase due to the amount of new development in and around the Parish.

Parish Councillors have worked very closely with Lancashire County Council Highway engineers to draw up traffic calming plans, which aim to reduce the negative impacts of speeding and poor driving and also aim to reduce incidents of pollution and damage to the environment in which we live.

Our Winter 2021 Newsletter contained details of a consultation on the Woodplumpton traffic calming plans which ran from 6th Dec 2021 - 10th Jan 2022.

LCC have now considered the initial comments and have started the legal advertising process necessary for the plans to progress.

All the relevant documents are contained on LCC's website 

Please use their website information to comment on the plans quoting the appropriate reference number listed on each separate TRO advert before the 12th August. 

Cllr Matthew Greaves, Chairman of the Parish Council stated, ‘It has taken a lot of hard work and commitment from the Parish Councillors to get to the point where we can announce these schemes and implement what we believe to be the best, and possibly the only option, to make a real difference to the safety of our community, both now and in the future.

All Members of the Parish Council hope that residents will support them in their aim to improve safety on our local roads. LCC are still designing the scheme for Catforth.