Woodplumpton Traffic Calming

Woodplumpton Traffic Calming

16th of December, 2022

Following the completion of a statutory consultation process, Lancashire County Council are now implenting the Traffic Calming plans in Woodplumpton village. Full details of the proposals are detailed on LCC's website


For the location of Road Humps use this link https://www.lancashire.gov.uk/roads-parking-and-travel/roads/roadworks-and-traffic-regulation-orders/permanent/proposed-road-humps/

For changes to the Speed Limits use this link Proposed Speed Limit Orders (SLOs) - Lancashire County Council.

Cllr Matthew Greaves, Chairman of the Parish Council has previously stated, Parish Councillors have worked very closely with Lancashire County Council Highway engineers to draw up traffic calming plans, which aim to reduce the negative impacts of speeding - and poor driving - and also aim to reduce incidents of pollution and damage to the environment in which we live.

New humps have been installed at the planned locations - however the Parish Council is extremely disappointed that the gradient does not appear severe enough to prevent vehicles exceeding the 20mph speed limit.

The matter has been referred to LCC Highways - along with a request that the lower level humps be adjusted to a maximum height to improve their effectiveness. 

On a separate issue, LCC are waiting for BT to move a telegraph pole before the 'stopping ups of the Whittle Hill junction can take place.