NW Preston Facilities

NW Preston Facilities

20th of January, 2022

In November, Members of the Parish Council met with officers from Lancashire County Council (LCC) and Preston City Council (PCC) to express their frustration that community facilities are not being built to support the growing number of houses in NW Preston. Whilst some progress was made, we need help from residents to keep the momentum going.

A local centre including drinking establishments, hot food takeaways, medical centre and public house with hotel accommodation is approved in outline on the west side of Sandy Lane. The detailed plans must be submitted by Jan 2024, or the applicant may reapply or submit plans for something else. Initially the land was approved for housing, so the facilities are not guaranteed.

The NW Preston Masterplan included an indicative site for a local centre on the east side of Sandy Lane - but Taylor Wimpey / Bloor Homes amended the plans to build more houses claiming that the need for a local centre has been met by the above proposal. The Parish Council – supported by local residents - strongly objected stating there was a need for facilities on both sites. The concerns were listened to and in Jan 2022, the plans were amended to include 1 hectare for a local centre.

If you agree there is a need for more community facilites in the NW Preston area, please contact Ben Wallace MP who can refer local feedback to the Director of Planning

Address - Constituency Office - Top Floor, The Village Centre, Great Eccleston, Lancashire PR3 0YB,
Tel : 01995 672 976
Email : [email protected]

Funding for the expansion of Ingol Health Centre is secured from the Cottam Hall development. The funding must be spent by 2025. The Parish Council feels the facilities are needed sooner than that so we have referred the matter to Ben Wallace MP who is in contact with the local Clinical Commissioning Groups. Residents can help us keep the matter at the top of Ben Wallace's agenda by contacting him on the details above


LCC’s reply to a Parish Council query regarding the delay in building new schools states Part of the challenge in NW Preston has been dealing with a fluctuating birth rate at the same time as significant housing development which has not come forward to planned timescales. This is the reason that steps have not yet been put in place to deliver a new school in the area. To act too soon would destabilise existing schools.

This news article confirms the matter is being ‘championed’ by County Cllr John Potter who represents Ingol / Lea & Cottam on Lancashire County Council. https://www.lep.co.uk/news/politics/preston-councillor-pushes-for-promised-schools-to-be-built-as-part-of-city-housing-boom-3497897 

Residents wishing to see new schools built, should contact County Cllr John Potter

Address -  26 Aldwych Drive Preston, PR2 1SJ,
Mobile: 07854 221145
Bus. email: [email protected]


Housing applications are being approved which don’t link to the East West Link Road (EWLR) which increases the amount of traffic on existing roads. LCC say the situation will improve once the EWLR is open but the Parish Council is trying to get assurances from LCC that existing roads will not become a rat run. Whilst this dialogue continues, roads are suffering from wear and tear.

Residents can help us get the potholes and ineffective road markings repaired by reporting the problems to LCC by using this link https://www.lancashire.gov.uk/roads-parking-and-travel/report-it

Residents will also be aware that the new developments include numerous road works and road closures. The Parish Council is not always notified of these works in advance - but you can check for updates on the LCC website by using this link https://mario.lancashire.gov.uk/roadworks/bulletin.aspx?district=Preston