Sandy Lane Surface

Sandy Lane Surface

16th of December, 2022

The Parish Council has repeatedly contacted Lancashire County Council regarding the state of Sandy Lane and were informed that LCC were negotiating a solution between the contractor and developer.

As there was still no improvement Blog Preston printed the following article -

Assurances were given that the matter would be resolved and the Parish Council received notification that emergency rectification works would be carried out between 24th Oct and 11th November 2022.

Unfortunately the works did not take place and were scheduled for the 28th Nov until the 22nd Dec 2022. 

Despite our requests for a comprehensive resurfacing job the road remains in a very poor condition. The matter was raised under public participation at the April  2023 Parish Council Meeting where County Councillor Susan Whittam stated 

LCC Highways carry out regular inspections of Sandy Lane and whilst they consider it to be fit for purpose, a petition has been served on LCC to resurface it. LCC are unable to do this until Taylor Wimpey finish the S278 works relating to the creation of parking spaces near the Post Office. Whilst some work has been completed, the works have been delayed because Sandy Lane is being used as a diversion route during the construction of the Preston West Distributor Road and the East – West Link road. 

Since then, some more pot holes have been patched and the road has been closed on several occasions - however, the road is still not resurfaced. Any queries / complaints regarding this should be referred to County Cllr Whittam.