Speeding concerns

Speeding concerns

28th of November, 2023

Speeding concerns and other highway related issues have been raised at recent Parish Council meetings. The concerns have been forwarded to Lancashire County Council as Highway Authority.

To illustrate that there is a safety concern, the Parish Council invited Deputy Police Crime Commissioner Andy Pratt to the April 2022 meeting where he provided information on the Road Safety Partnership and a Community Toolkit with resources available to help residents take action to deter speeding in their local areas.

More recently we have requested that the local police carry out speed checks using a speed gun. Residents can accompany them on the checks by contacting PCSO Chloe Pearson by email at [email protected].  Alternatively, residents can register to volunteer with the Community Road Watch scheme - using this link https://lancsvp.org.uk/opportunities/community-road-watch/

The Parish Council have also resolved to use CIL monies to erect Speed Indicator Devices (SPIDs) at various locations in the Parish to capture data to illustrate the extent of the problems.

We have also been asked to promote 'Operation Snap' a police initiative which encourages members of the public to send dashcam footage of dangerous driving or other motoring offences to the police. More information can be found on the link below. If you have any comments or concerns about the initiative please email [email protected]


If you believe there is a local road safety concern, please help us to highlight the issue by reporting it on this link. https://lancsroadsafety.co.uk/submit-concern/ The Parish Council has also received some "Slow Down Save Lives" stickers which can be added to the side of your wheelie bin. Drivers passing the bins on collection days will be reminded of this important message which will hopefully, be the first of many other measures the Parish Counicl is putting in place to try to address speeding traffic. If you would like a sticker for your bins, please email [email protected] or contact your local Parish Councillor using the details on the Councillor information page.