Referendum - Neighbourhood Plan

Referendum - Neighbourhood Plan

30th of November, 2023

With the help of a planning consultant, the Parish Council has produced a Neighbourhood Plan which will ensure that areas of the Parish are not neglected and the needs / improvements for the whole Parish are assessed and provided for.

The Neighbourhood Plan is not anti-development. NW Preston will provide a variety of homes designed for families and urban living. A Neighbourhood Plan will give the Parish Council the opportunity to influence the shape and growth of development outside of the strategic location whilst retaining the rural character of the Parish.

New infrastructure is required to ensure that existing areas can safely access the proposed facilities and amenities in the strategic location and a Neighbourhood Plan will help residents influence and decide where and how our Community Infrastructure Levy is spent. It will also provide an opportunity to identify green, open spaces around the Parish to ensure they are protected, enhanced and used to their full potential.

The Referendum Version of the Neighbourhood Plan can be downloaded from this webpage.

The Neighbourhood Plan is going to a Referendum on Thursday 11 January 2024. The question that will be asked in the Referendum is: “Do you want Preston City Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Woodplumpton to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

You are asked to vote either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to this question.

Preston City Council handle the Referendum process and you can find lots of information about voting on this link to their website Neighbourhood Planning Referendum - Woodplumpton - Preston City Council

All the documents and more detailed information is also available on this link  Woodplumpton Neighbourhood Plan (current application) - Preston City Council