About Woodplumpton Parish Council


Woodplumpton Parish Councillors are elected to serve the whole Woodplumpton area and is split into 2 wards - Catforth and Plumpton. Councillors tend to live in the ward they represent but they are responsible for decisions affecting the whole Parish.

Councillors are elected for a maximum term of 4 years. They must be over 21, be an elector or reside/work in the parish. They are required to sign a formal declaration of office and agree to abide by a code of conduct - available on the documents page.

Councillors have a responsibility to listen and take an active part in meetings by suggesting ideas and engaging in constructive debate. They make collective decisions in the interests of the community. Councillors should abide by the majority decision and may not make a decision or act individually on behalf of the Council.

Councils must appoint a Proper Officer and a responsible financial officer (Clerk) to discharge its functions.


The Clerk is an independent, professional officer employed by the Council. They are answerable to the Council as a whole and cannot act on the instructions of individual Councillors. The Council may delegate powers and functions to the Clerk and these are specified in Standing Orders.

The Clerk manages Parish Council business, implements Council decisions, undertakes research, produces reports and provides independent, objective and professional advice. They are responsible for administration and communication with the public and helps increase the awareness of the Council by producing newsletters and managing websites.

In Woodplumpton, the Clerk is also the responsible financial officer providing financial management information by completing budgets and precepts for approval, processing accounts and payments and dealing with audit arrangements.

Parish Lengthsman

Woodplumpton Parish Council contracts a Parish Lengsthman who carries out a variety of jobs which include:

  • Grass cutting
  • Vegetation clearance
  • Maintaining roadside verges
  • Ensuring public footpaths are accessible
  • Litter control, fly tipping, complaints

The lengthsman is also involved in other environmental projects to help keep our Parish one of the most attractive, cleanest and tidiest in the area. He also carries out maintenance to public rights of way.

The lengthsman scheme is intended to compliment and enhance many jobs which are ultimately the responsibility of the City and County Council. To ensure that there is not an overlap of care, all of his work has to be allocated and authorised by the Parish Council.

If you know of any areas which need improving or cleaning, please let the Clerk know.

Community Garden

A small plot of land in Woodplumpton is leased to the Parish Council to look after for the benefit of the village. The land was occupied by a community building which was demolished in 2004. Since then the land has been converted in to a community garden which is currently maintained by a local gardening contractor.