Meeting Dates



Woodplumpton Parish Room
Rear of Woodplumpton Parish Church
Woodplumpton Road

Catforth meetings are held at:

Catforth Primary School
School Lane


The Parish Council usually meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00pm. Meetings are not usually held during August or December. In accordance with requests from residents, meetings alternate between Woodplumpton and Catforth.

Meetings during Coronavirus

As the Parish Council is following Government advice during the Coronavirus pandemic, we are currently unable to host face to face meetings. However, we are meeting remotely via Zoom at 7:00pm on the 3rd Monday of the month.

Members of the public can observe the Zoom meetings by emailing the Clerk for a meeting link once the agenda is published. To assist with this, you can request to be added to our meetings email list and you will receive a copy of the agenda direct to your inbox.

Your email will only be used for this purpose and you will be required to give your consent to remain on the mailing list every May, at the start of the new municipal year.

Any requests to observe the meeting must be emailed to the Clerk by 5:00pm on the Friday before the Monday meeting.

Public Participation

Meetings start at 7:00pm and there is usually a period set aside for public participation where the public or community groups can participate and bring matters to the attention of the Council, seek advice and comment on local issues of interest.

Although we are meeting remotely, residents may be able to participate and ask a question, if it relates to an item on the agenda. All questions and requests to observe the meeting must be emailed to the Clerk by 5:00pm on the Friday before the Monday meeting.

If the Council is required to make a decision or support a scheme, the matter must be included as a specific agenda item. The agenda item must explain the matter fully and state what action you want the Council to take. Details must be submitted to the Clerk in writing at least 1 week before the date of the meeting as this is when the agenda will be printed.

Further guidance is available from the Clerk. The agenda will be displayed in the Parish noticeboards and can be accessed here.


Council meetings are formal events with a clear purpose, to make decisions. To ensure meetings run smoothly the Council operates by following set procedures known as standing orders.