Plumpton Field

Despite numerous objections from the Parish Council, local residents, CPRE and the local MP, Preston City Council approved the application for new housing on Plumpton Field.

The Officers report states

The proposed development of 18 dwellings at the site would not be considered to be small scale in the context of Woodplumpton village and would be a sizeable increase in the number of units accessed off Plumpton Field. The proposed redevelopment is not required for any exceptional purposes set out in Policy EN1, nor is it located within the defined boundaries of a small rural settlement or village. In this case, the proposal would not comply with Policy EN1 of the Adopted Local Plan. 

The application as originally submitted proposed 50% of the site to be affordable housing, ie. 9no. units. However, during the course of the application the applicant has revised the affordable housing contribution down to 35% of the site which equates to 6no. units. 
Whilst the loss of 3no, affordable housing units on the scheme is regrettable, given the Council cannot demonstrate a five year supply of deliverable housing land, and the fact that by providing 35% on-site affordable housing the development remains policy compliant, the reduction in affordable housing provision would not warrant the withholding of planning permission in this instance. 

County Highways have raised no objections to the proposal subject to conditions relating to the implementation of the access, maintenance of the proposed streets within the development and to provide wheel cleaning facilities during the construction phase. Subject to these conditions, it is therefore considered the proposed development would not have a severe impact on highway or pedestrian safety and therefore complies with the above policies. 


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