Hoyles Lane Traffic Calming

As advised in our Summer Newsletter, Morris Homes are required to install traffic calming measures along Hoyles Lane between Sidgreaves Lane and Cottam Post Office as a condition of planning consent 06/2015/0530 .

Woodplumpton Parish Council has requested a copy of the plans - which can be viewed here (Due to the design of the document, please note it does take a long time to download!)

As far as we are aware there has been no public consultation on the plans and along with Lea & Cottam Parish Council we have requested an explanation from the County Council.

Any requests for supplementary engineering works or speed cameras (which have been suggested by some residents) must be directed to the appropriate Parish Council.

For information, Woodplumpton Parish Council only covers the road area between 138 Hoyles Lane and St Andrew's Church - as shown by the dotted pink line on this map

The Parish Council will not be able to discuss proposed measures further to the west of Hoyles Lane. These must be directed to Lea & Cottam Parish Council.


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