Priority Services from United Utilities

United Utilities have asked Parish Councils to help promote a service giving support to those who need it most.

Residents are encouraged to register for a free Priority Service scheme, where customers could benefit from additional free services to support their particular needs such as age, ill health, a disability, mental health problems, financial worries or even language barriers.

Services include

  • free phone number connecting them to a dedicated, externally trained team, to listen, help and support
  • Nominate a carer, family member or even a friend to speak to us on their behalf
  • knock and wait service, so if they have mobility needs well always wait, allowing them enough time to answer the door
  • Well notify them of any planned interruptions to their water supply
  • Bills and letters could be printed in braille, large print or even on coloured paper
  • Add a password to their account as added protection from bogus callers
  • Translation services if English isnt their first language
  • Help and advice if theyre struggling to pay their water bill

For customers with internet access, theres even an online accessibility tool, changing the look of the website to suit their needs. All they have to do is click on the Accessibility Help button on the bottom right of each page on the website.

You dont have to be the account holder to join and registration really couldnt be easier.  You can either:

  • Visit the website and complete a simple online form
  • Call a friendly Priority Services team direct on 0345 072 6093
  • Also, when someone registers with us, with their consent, we could also add their details to a similar free scheme with Electricity North West (who manage the electricity network in our region).  If eligible, this would provide additional support if there was ever a loss of power too.


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