Reporting Crime

Lorraine Ellwood (Rural, Wildlife and Heritage Crime Co-ordinator) attended the Parish Council meeting on the 18th February to reassure residents that the police are still responding to crime incidents in the rural area following staff changes.

As we have previously reported in the Parish Newsletter, police resources are allocated to areas based on the number of crimes / incidents so it is important that ALL incidents are reported - no matter how small or insignificant. Added together, the reports could illustrate more resources are needed in the rural areas and more information can be collated, with the ultimate aim of stopping the activity or catching the culprits.

For an emergency call 999; for current or suspicious activity call 101 or to report a concern or non urgent incident you can contact Lorraine on 07432 623049

A Neighbourhood Watch coordinator will be attending the March Parish Council meeting and we hope to circulate more information on how you can get involved in the Neighbourhood Watch scheme and / or share local information on a dedicated social media site.

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