Traffic Engagement Event

Message from the Parish Council Chairman

The Parish Council has long recognised the concerns of residents regarding the traffic issues that affect all of us and we have continually kept up to date through individuals, groups, such as the Woodplumpton Community Action Group and through the Neighbourhood Plan consultation

Complaints are raised with us on a daily basis, whether itís the volume of traffic or the size of the vehicles, the speed or just inconsiderate driving; it is clear that safety and the damage that is being caused is at the heart of peoples concerns.¬†

The Parish Council has worked hard over the years to reduce various traffic problems that residents have raised and we have had some success. Clearly from the residents we speak to, this is not enough to make the community feel safe with the recent and continuous urbanisation of our Parish. 

Over the previous 18 months we have worked very closely with Lancashire County Council Engineers and the Highways Authority, who have drawn up a set of improvements to the roads in our rural areas. These improvements will reduce the negative impacts of the speeding and badly driven traffic that threaten our safety, pollute and damage the environment in which we live. 

ĎIt has taken a lot of hard work and commitment from the Parish Councillors to get to the point where we can announce these schemes and implement what we believe to be the best, and possibly the only option, to make a real difference to the safety of our community, both now and in the future.'

We have pleasure in inviting you to a public Engagement Event to see the proposed traffic calming plans at Catforth Village Hall on Saturday 23rd March between 09.00 - 11.00am and at Woodplumpton Parish Rooms on Tuesday 26th March between 19.00 Ė 21.00pm¬†

Woodplumpton Road Plans

Plan 1 revised junction with Newsham Hall Lane

Plan 2 Whittle Green cul - de - sac

Plan 3 Junction table with Whittle Hill & severance with Newsham Hall Lane

Plan 4 110 - 82  W/P Road

Plan 5 80 W/P road to Plumpton Field

Plan 6 60 W/P road to The Orchard and the School 

Plan 7 War Memorial to the Wheatsheaf 

Plan 8 Church car park bend to 10 W/P Road

Plan 9 Bridge and junction with Tabley Lane & Sandy Lane

Catforth Plans

Plan 1  Start of Catforth Road - Inskip end to Beesley House

Plan 2 Catforth Road Junction with Green Lane

Plan 3 Catforth Road Junction with Jane Lane

Plan 4 Catforth Road bend past Tanpit and Fir Tree Cottage

Plan 5 Catforth Road  Running Pump

Plan 6 Catforth Road Hawksview to Crosses Farm

Plan 7 Catforth Road Yew Tree Farm to Square Lane Junction

Plan 8 Catforth Road Detail of Square Lane Junction

Plan 9 Catforth Road Pennine View and Bay Horse Lane junction

Plan 10 Catforth Road  Village Hall and junction with School Lane

Plan 11 -------School Lane and outside Catforth Primary school

Plan 12 -------School Lane continuing towards Moorside Lane

Plan 13 -------School Lane - Catforth Hall Bridge 

Plan 14 Catforth Road junction with Benson Lane

Plan 15 Catforth Road outside Smith's Farm

Plan 16 Catforth Road, Blackleach Lane junction

Plan 17 Catforth Road just before Swillbrook canal bridge

Plan 18 Swillbrook canal bridge past Swillbrook House

Plan 19 Crown Lane and Rosemary Lane crossroads


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